Jul 3, 2013

new website

stay tune, do log in into our new website at http://www.3ncakez.com.my/ for our latest info & pictures.

May 20, 2013

Pillow Cake for You !

pillow cake with ray-ban, inside is vanilla butterscotch cake.  idea from my dearest Mawar yang nak letak ray-ban as a topper so inilah hasilnye...thanks dear sis for your support.

Selamat Hari Ibu !

 vanilla butterscotch with cream cheese for Mawar's mum

rainbow cake with cream cheese as kek hantaran from Azman to Mawar

Cuppies, Cookies & Cakes

blueberry cuppies with buttercream

 vanilla-almond sugar cookies

 bottom choc-moist cake & vanilla buttercake (top) with buttercream, all design by my dearest Diana
my star gumpaste will be the topper

Carameal Cheese Cake

carameal cheese cake for my dearest hubby birthday...ni for his staff...

'Black & White Cake'

black & white cake with chocolate ganache ordered by my cousin, Abol, thanks for your support


2nd. trial baking a baklava...ni ole-ole for my dearest old buddy, Rahman & Siti @ Kluang

 choc-cheese brownies for my nephews Aidid @ SM Sains Hulu Selangor & Hijjaz @ Maktab Rendah Sains Mara, Baling
red velvet cuppies with cream cheese for another nephew, Haziq @ SM Sains Alam Shah

Happy Birthday Papa & Danny

choc-moist cake with buttercream for'Pap & Danny' birthday

Oreo-Cheese Cake for Birthday !

oreo-cheese cake for birthday ordered by Aziera


my homemade baklava...rich with pistachio
choc-cheese brownies
kek batik
choc-cheese brownies

'Selamat Bertunang' Ayu & Zul

chocolate cuppies with hydrangea gumpaste flowers ordered by my dearest Azura for her friend engagement. 

Class by Chef Amar

mandy rice

Oreo-Cheese Cake & Cuppies

 oreo cheese cake for my dearest k.Mazwin for her birthday
 Last minute order from my dear buddy, Shahidah for her son's teachers at Kolej Islam Klang.
Choc-Moist & vanilla cupcakes

May 9, 2013

"Shaun the Sheep" for Ainna Birthday

Carameal Butterscotch cake with "Shaun the Sheep" theme for Ainna 7th. birthday, thanks to Masdiana.

Kek Batik & Brownies

 kek batik for Tasha's friend
chocolate cheese brownies

Chocolate Cuppies for Hantaran

chocolate cuppies for hantaran ordered by Azura (design by her)

Brownies & Pavlova

 choc-cheese brownies
 pavlova with fresh fruits

Apr 16, 2013

Kek Hantaran for Ilani & Emirul

 fruits cake with handmade peony sugar-flowers

 closeup for my handmade peony
thanks to my dearest buddy, Fadillah & Selamat Bertunang to Ilani & Emirul

Pavlova for Getha

last minutes order from Getha of Dell Cyberjaya, set of pavlova with fresh fruits for her hubby's birthday