Aug 19, 2008

Carrot Cuppies with Cream Cheese

Order came from my officemate, Fidza, for her 'makan-makan' on 9/8/08.....hope you like it.

Kek Lapis WaterMelon Cheese

Another type of kek lapis ie WaterMelon Cheese from recipe. The cake is about 1.8++kgs - consists of butter, flour, horlicks, eggs & cream cheese but it is not too cheezee....

Kek Lapis Pandan PokkaDot

Try recipe from Chef Noraini's book ie Kek Lapis Pandan but I add in biscuits - butter, flour, pandan paste, santan & biscuits to make a different. Cake weight about 1.7++kgs

Kek Lapis White Lady

Kek Lapis White Lady - butter, flour, white egg, ice-cream flour & horlicks. Recipe from Chef Rashid (Bagus Kuching, Sarawak). Cake weight about 1.7kgs

Aug 2, 2008

Kek Lapis Roll Permata

Order came from Naimah, my first time making this type of cake after attended class by Chef Noraini Zakaria. Hopefully you like it very much....

Carrot Cuppies again!!!

Carrot cuppies with cream cheese and chocolate cuppies again! This time order by Ina, Alam Flora for the birthday party on 26/7/08.

Carrot CupCakes with Cream Cheese

Order came from Yati, Alam Flora for carrot cupcakes with cream cheese and chocolate cuppies....

Moist Banana Cake

My first time baking moist banana cake, ordered by my former officemate, Naimah. She wants it to be inside the cuppies.... so here cakes look like.....