Oct 18, 2011

Sasha is 4 Years Old !!!

 Chocolate Moist Cupcakes & Velvet cupcake with cream cheese with picture of Sasha and 2 trays of beef lasagna ordered from my old buddy Pian &his wife Heni..

Chocolate Cheese Browniess

Just baked Chocolate Cheese Brownies for Makan-Makan Event @ my office...hmmmmm semerbak harumnye bau all the way to office....

Cuppies for Raya Celebration

Chocolate cuppies with buttercream for Al-Hateem Raya Celebration...

Chocolate Chees Brownies Again....

Chocolate Cheese Brownies right after Raya holidays....ordered by my dear sis..

Happy 50th. Years Anniversary

Ayah asked me to bake him a 'big' cake for his 50 years anniversary ......but he don't want a chocolate cake...so baked him black forest cake with fresh cream frosting and choc-moist cake with chocolate ganache for us.....ni baru keluar from freeze...keras lagiiiii

Watermelon Cheese

 Kek Lapis Watermelon Cheese for my mum & mum-in-law raya celebration...

Chocolate-Cheese Brownies

 4 set of Chocolate Cheese Browniess ordered by my officemate, Pn. Rose for her raya celebrations....

Watermelon Cheese

Kek Lapis Watermelon Cheese ordered from my dear friend Jamilah for raya celebration...


Pie for our buka puasa....kali ni guna mince-meat & button mushroom

Durian Cheese Cake

My first attempt baking a durian cheese cake....

Happy Birthday Safwat..!!!

 Blueberry Cheese Cake for Safwat's 15th. birthday..

Blueberry Cheese Cake

Blueberry  Cheese Cake for your birthday...ordered from my dear sister at Universiti Pertahanan Malaysia..

Chocolate Cheese Brownies

2 sets of Chocolate Cheese browniess,,,,

Red Velvet for U, Guys...

 Red velvet with cream cheese for our dearest June's birthday ie Man, Fuad, Azhar, Mukilan, Moore & Yus....

Cuppies for STK Reunion Dinner

 Chocolate & vanilla cuppies for our school reunion dinner at Gunung Lambak Eco-Resort, Kluang