Dec 23, 2008

Brownies again

Order came from my officemate for 2 trays of choc-cheese brownies so I used recipe from auty Yochana. Thanks zaitun & jazmi for the orders. Jgn lupa order lagi....

Najmi Birthday

Baked an Oreo ButterCake from Mat-Gebu recipe for my little Najmi 8th. birthday. Use choc-ganache from sis Hanieliza recipe for topping. My Najmi wants a Batman for the edible image but at Bake with Yen only has a Superman character.... This cake memang sedap, soft texture and terasa oreo nye... I'm using Tatura butter for this its really turn out very nice... worth trying, thanks a lot to all my sifu from RNet Gang....

Miniature Cake

I discovered a CakeConnection at JayaOne, Petaling Jaya. Joined their Miniature Cake Class by Ms. Lynnette on 11 Dec... its really fun and enjoy! Looks easy but a bit tricky when you want to cover the cake with fondant coz the size it small ie 2.5"x2.5". Just nice to hold on your palm. Suitable and nice as a wedding gift or hantaran...

Do call or sms us at 019-222 9001 if you would like to place the hurry up !!!

Marble Choc-Cheese Brownie

Try a marble choc-cheese brownie from auty yochana's recipe, worth trying coz its really nice & soft....

Farhana & Arisya Birthday

Baked an Orange Sugee Buttercake for my nieces Elia Farhana & Milya Arisya birthday, on 8 Dec same day with aidiladha celebration. Little Arisya & her family were in Doha, Qatar.

Dec 18, 2008

Purple Wedding Cake

Baked Fly African-Marble Cake for my cousin, Reena on her wedding day, 6 Dec 2008. Her colour theme is purple & white so I tried my best to make few roses, quite interesting doing all those roses.... The cake was 3kgs...

Tasha Birthday

Baked again Marble Cheese Cake for my Tasha's 13th. birthday. This time I used chocolate ganache and power puff girls edible image....

Marble Cheese Cake

Marble Cheese Cake for my father birthday. Recipe from Bro.Rozzan of R-Net group.....Happy belated birthday, ayah!

Vanilla Cuppies

Vanilla cuppies with blueberry filling ordered by my officemate, Linda for her beloved frenz for his birthday on 28 Nov. 2008. Need to improve on writing.... quite bad.....anyway hope both of you love it.... thanks again for ordering my cuppies.

Brownies Again!!

Baked 2 trays of Chocolate brownies with almond for my nephews, Hijjaz & Aidit in Alor Gajah, Melaka. Both of them bersunat on 22 Nov. 08. I dropped by at my aunt's house at Bandar Sri Putra, Bangi for giving her & my nephew, Daniel, dia pun bersunat on 22 Nov. 08.

Recipe from MakLang & sis Rinnchan of R-Net group.

Chocolate Brownies

My 1st. attempt baking a brownies. My credits and millions thanks to all my sifu in R-Net groups for providing a very delicious recipes.... Baked 2 Chocolate brownies from maklang & sis rinnchan fotopages.... my kids love it very much.... .. worth trying!!! I'm using almond & black raisins and snow it with icing sugar.

Some brownies for our friend, Asri & family in Klang, my cousin in Port Klang and my niece in Ampang.

Cookies Again

Orders came from teachers from SK Durian Tunggal, Melaka. They ordered Chocolate treasure, hazelnut & snow almond. Terima kasih cikgu-cikgu kerana sudi order..... Sorry pictures for hazelnut & snow almond tak sempat nak snap.
Tart Mawi, recipe from sis Hanieliza, R-Net group, thanks sis, last raya tak sempat nak try.....

Kek Lapis White Lady

Since there a lot of white eggs, I've tried baking the Kek Lapis White Lady for my officemates, k.mazwin, k.miah & abg. amir. These recipe from Chef Rashid of Bagus, Kuching.

Kek Lapis again!!!

Kek Lapis Masam Manis for my mum, Kek Lapis India (few cadbury chocolates at each layer) for my MIL & Kek Lapis Prune for my k.long.

More Kek Lapis for Raya Celebrations

Kek Lapis Horlicks-Milo ordered by my officemate, Ila.

Kek Lapis for Hari Raya Celebrations

Kek Lapis Rempah ordered by my friends, Jamilah and my officemate, Azie. Made extra for my mum.

Vanilla Cuppies

Vanilla cuppies with chocolate chips requested by my daugther, Tasha

Raya Cookies

My first attempt selling raya cookies ie chocolate treasure, snow almond, london almond and chocolate chips..... penat but fun & I'm really enjoying it... Thanks a lot to mamazieza, coz your chocolate treasure really 'hot selling cookies' sampai tak larat nak terima order. I've tried her snow almond and chocolate treasure - worth try!!! memang best. My credit goes to k.hanieliza, coz I'm using her recipe, london almond but I changed to hazel nuts...
Orders came from cikgu-cikgu at SK Durian Tunggal, Melaka. Thanks cikgu !!!