May 30, 2010

Happy 10th. Birthday Shakirin

Lst minute order from my former school-mate, Suffian for his son, Shakirin 10th. birthday...a choclate cake with Ben-10 image....we're celebrating his birthday at our reunion dinner at Puteri Shakirin, Happy Birthday...semoga panjang umur & jadi anak yang solleh...

My School Reunion Cake, Cuppies & Sugar Cookies

An african marble cake- cappucino & vanilla, 50pcs. of vanilla cuppies with faces & school badge & 50pcs of sugar cookies for Sek. Tinggi Kluang Reunion at Puteri Resort, Air Keroh, Melaka

' 2010 Birthday !'

Lagi satu order dalam kesibukan menyiapkan my reunion cake & cuppies....from my dear sis Liana, vanilla cuppies with family faces....

Choc & Carrot Cakes

Marathon baking & decorations to completed few orders plus 50pcs cuppies & cake for my school reunion....sempat jugak lah siapkan choclate cake & carrot cakes with cream cheese for Pn. Farasya's makan-makan event at her school.....

Choclate Cuppies

Pn. Farasya & her friend form SMK Putra Perdana ordered 2 sets of choclate cuppies

Blueberry Cheese & Carrot Cakes

My sis at UPertahanan ordered a blueberry cheese and carrot with cream cheese for her makan-makan event....

Pull-a-Part Cakes

Pn.Farasya from SMK Putra Perdana ordered a set of Pull-a-part cakes consist of choc, blueberry & carrot with cream cheese with a red & orange taraaaaaa

Happy Teacher's Day

2 boxes of chocolate cuppies for Najmi's Teacher's Day celebration at Sek. Al-Hateem

Cuppies for Teachers

30pcs choclate cuppies with buttercream & single packing for SMK Putra Perdanas' teachers.....thanks Pn. Farasya for the order..

Happy Birthday Akmal

A set of cholocate & blueberry cuppies with pictures of Akmal's 8th Pn. Shikin, thanks for ordering...

Choclate Cake for Teacher

Choclate cake with choclate ganache for a Teacher from Ain & friends......need to improve my handwriting

Happy 17th. Birthday Shilla

Chocolate cake with buttercream & edible image of Shilla, her mum & her aunt for their tripple birthday my dear Shilla...Happy 17th. Birthday....

May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

lawyer friend of Fairus from Affin Bank, Puchong branch ordered a chocolate cake for his mum for the Mother's Day celebration. It was a last minute order actually...but Fairus said...a simple design will here is the cake...tadaaaaa

May 8, 2010

Chocolate Cuppies

A set of chocolate cuppies with flowers ordered by Pn. Noraini from Nusaputra for her family.....she wants a very simple flowers design....

Happy 10th. Birthday, Akmal !

A set of vanilla cuppies with edible images of Akmal and his sibilings ordered by my dear friend, Naimah for her nephew, Akmal's 10th. birthday....