Dec 14, 2010

Toffee-Carameal Cheese Cake

Toffee-Carameal Cheese Cake for Nadia year-end party at her school...

Blueberry Cheese

Blueberry Cheese Cake for my sis friend in Universiti Pertahanan....

Happy 22nd. Birthday !!!

A set of chocolate cuppies with Chelsea logo for Miya's sweetheart..birthday....


Chocolate cuppies for Najmie's class year end party....@ Al-Hateem

Auni is 1 Year Old

Chocolate moist & choc-oreo cakes for Auni's 1 Year birthday....thanks Zawiyah for the order....

Nov 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Ammar & Adam

Chocolate Moist Cake with ultraman edible image for Zawiyah's son & her nephews' birthday

Blueberry-Cheese Tartlets

My blueberry-cheese tartlets for our makan-makan @ office

Oriental String-Works

Attended an advance class on the oriental string-works with KC ...

Nov 6, 2010

Choc-Cheese Cuppies & Fruit-Ti-Tuti Cake

My 1st. attempt baking a choc-cheese cuppies & a Fruit-Ti-Tuti cake....I'm baked chiffon cake for my base of the fruit-ti-tuti cake...need to bake again....kena improve lagi ni.....
The fruit-ti-tuti cake for my old buddy, Hasni & family...@ their new Cafe D'Kebun at Sg. Merab

Choc-Cheese Brownies

Choc-cheese brownies for Ila's & family

Epi Bufday Kuafif !!!

Nadia's friend ordered a set of vanilla cuppies with simple buttercream design....

Blueberry Cheese Cake Again !!

A blueberry Cheese cake for my sis friend @ Universiti Pertahanan Malaysia, Sg Besi

Happy Birthday, Juwaidi !!

A blueberry cheese cake for Juwaidi, 14th. birthday..

Back to Baking Classes

Upgrade my baking skills by attending baking classes @mysugarclass, lynn hassan at Saujana Utama, Sungai Buloh

1st. Annual Wedding Cakes Competition @ Sunway Giza

My 1st. attempt attending the Annual Wedding Cakes Competition @ Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara...

'Chelsea-Blue' + Cream Cuppies for Hantaran

Yusliza, my former officemate, ordered a set of chelsea-blue + cream fondat cuppes for her cousin's hantaran...a simple buttercream design for her family too

Peach-Red Cuppies

My peach-red cuppies with very simple buttercream design....

Choc-Cheese Brownies Again !!!

Choc-cheese brownies for my dear old buddy friend, Fadilah & for my dear MIL during our visit to my hometown....

STK Hari Raya Gathering

Beef lasagna, assorted cuppies & choc-cheese brownies for my school reunion - STK Hari Raya gathering

Cuppies for Najmi

Asorted cuppies with simple design for my little Faiz Najmi's raya gathering at his Sek Agama Al-Hateem

Herda & Rafika

My dear friend, Linda ordered a set of chocolate moist cake for her cousin, Herda's wedding...hmmmm ni kira last minutes very simple design....
To Herda & Rafika, Selamat Pengantin Baru....& Linda...thanks for your supports sis...

Lasagna & Cuppies for Raya Gathering

Beef lasagna & asorted cuppies with buttercream for my dear hubby Houston's gathering....

Oct 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Azib & Aqilah

My dear friend, Fit, ordered a chocolate moist cakes with chocolate ganache & Dora & Spiderman image for her daughter, Aqilah, 1 year-birthday and her nephew, Azib Azizan....

Raya Cookies, Choc-Cheese Brownies, Kek Lapis & Cuppies for Raya Celebrations

So here some of my kek lapis horlicks-milo, watermelon cheese, evergreen & kek lapis rempah as well as raya cookies ordered for raya celebrations...