May 29, 2009

Miniature Cakes again

Miniature cakes again but this time I teach my girls to do the decorations since they want to give to their teacher.... Nadia prefer to fill with cut-off flowers but Natasha looks to use heart shape cut-off. I just help them with the borders..

Chocolate Miniature Cake

Make few of miniature cakes & I'm using chocolate moist cake from our dearest sifu, k.mis. My kids wants to give to their teachers for the Teacher's day celebration.
With a simple decoration (just practising what I've learned in Lynette's class) using cut-off flowers, heart shape etc.
Do place an order at 019-222 9001.

Chocolate Moist Cake

I've baked a chocolate moist cake with ganache from our dearest sife, k.mis.....for my girl, Natasha class party @ SMK Cyberjaya.
Interested, do call or sms at 019-222 9001.

Birthday's Cuppies

Repeat order from my former friend, Naimah. This time she ordered a set of vanilla cuppies with edible image for her dearest hubby, Min's birthday. I told her to email me a very clear pictures to get a good image...admired their son, he looks so cute....
Thanks to Chef Tania, for her yummy recipe....& to Min, Happy Birthday....yang ke berapa ni???? & thanks again to Naimah for ordering from us....

Orchid SugarPaste Class

I'm going for orchid sugarpaste class on 24 May at k.Jay's house in SS16, PJ. This time the class is a bit private by our former instructor, YokeMoy....only three of us ie, K.Wan, K.Jay (a.k.a Datin Jamaliah) & myself. I'm so excited to know how the make the for the 1st. day, we just roll and roll the sugarpaste & make few petals.....leave to dry on the fruits or eggs casing (now I know how to recycle those items....)

Class end almost at 5.30pm....need to do more petals at week YokeMoy will teach us how to assemble the petals.....cant' wait laaaa...

May 21, 2009

Fondant & Gum Paste Class

Back to school again.... I've enrolled myself into the Wilton Fondant & GumPaste class at Wisma ICCA, Kota Damansara & this time my instructor is Ms. Ambika Menon. Meet K.Amy, my former coursemate from course 2 & 3 at PJ outlet.....

Our great sifu, Ms. Rosalind having the Squire Kitchen Professional course next door and she show me her masterpiece while I'm waiting for my class to start. Her cake was so pretty & I adore the string works....ohhh cantiknye....suddenly I feel excited to join her class for the Squire Kitchen Professional which will be held soon in July...I do registered for her class right after my fondant class ends. Sempat lagi meet my friends (Julie Saw, my former wilton coursemate & WanChik, my long lost friend during my student time) who has attended the classes.....& they said its very-very good & worth investment coz once registered we'll get all the tools which is worth more then RM1,000.00 ,,,thats what I'm looking for......but then forget to take some pictures of the cakes....

Teacher's Day Cake

Our son, Najmi requested a chocolate cake for his teachers in Sekolah Agama Al Hateem for the Teacher's day celebration. So I've baked him a Chocolate Moist Cake with ganache from our dearest sifu, k.MissCreative.....hummmm its so yummmy & moist!!!

To all ustazah & ustaz Zakaria, Selamat Hari Guru & terima kasih dari kami di 3N Cakes !!

Do place an order at 019-222 9001

Teacher's Day - Chocolate Almod Brownies

Our daugther, Natasha requested a simple brownies for her teachers. So I baked her 2 trays of Chocolate Almond Brownies with chocolate ganache from Chef Anuar's recipe.

For all teachers in SMK Cyberjaya, Selamat Hari Guru from us at 3N Cakes !!!

Do place an order at 019-222 9001......

Chocolate Marshmallow's Slices

My dear hubby requested a Chocolate Marshmallow's Slices (Chef Asma's recipe)...but I add with almonds flakes as a so chocolately & thanks dear chef for the very nice recipe...
Interested, do place an order at 019-222 9001

Bulla Butter & Marshmallow's

Sempat singgah kat Perling Indah, JB, during our visit to dear hubby 'berkenan' kat white marshmallow's...couldn't find this product in Klang valley.

Now I'm using Bulla butter, since BWY offering at RM4.10...hopefully the price would not increase for coming festive season...

Kek Lapis Evergreen

Kek Lapis Evergreen for my in-laws since we're visiting them during labour day holiday... My SIL loves it very much