Apr 21, 2008

Fancy Cookies

This is our latest product ~ a simple vanilla or chocolate cookies which comes with colourfull icing with flavour of peppermint, cherry and cinnamon.

~ To order, do call/sms us at 019-222 9001 ~

Basketweave Cake

My first decoration classes on 6/4/08 conducted by sis. AyuLiana from Kinrara. Learn to decorate fancy cookies, cuppies and basketweave cake......really fun and enjoy. Thanks a lot sis for your tips ..... suprise !!!


We have a variety of cupcakes such as :-

~chocolate, vanilla and mocca
~moltan chocolate cake
~chocolate chips
~carrot with cream cheese
~lemon orange
~strawberry with chocolate chips

~ To order, do call/sms us at 019-222 9001 ~

Our Muffins

We have choices of flavour for muffins ie :

~vanilla, chocolate, banana, blueberry, strawberry or mocca
~double chocolate or chocolate chips
~oreo chocolate or dark chocolate
~orange or sweetcorn or carrot with cream cheese
~spicy or sambal udang kering
~ To order, do call/sms us at 019-222 9001 ~

Cake Choices

Steam Moist Chocolate Cake & fruits cake for our friends & mum.

~ To order, do call/sms us at 019-222 9001 ~

Kek Lapis

Size of cake - 8 x 8 x 3

~kek lapis betawi (berempah)
~kek lapis prune
~kek lapis masam manis
~kek lapis horlicks-milo
~kek lapis kenyalang
~kek lapis evergreen

* kek lapis semarak
* kek lapis dam
* kek lapis sembilu kasih

~ To order, do call/sms us at 019-222 9001 ~

Kek Lapis Roll

*kek roll dinda
*kek roll permata
*kek roll dam
*kek roll skuad kedah
*kek roll cinta tiga-segi

~ more to come ~

~ To order, do call/sms us at 019-222 9001

Price List

Our price of cake are as follows :-

Butter Cakes :
~ size of cakes are 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12inches in square or round pan
(6 & 7" is only applicable for Barbie Doll Cake and Tier-Wedding cake or Stacked Wedding cake only) ;

available flavour of butter cake : (we're using Anchor butter)
- plain butter cake
- moist chocolate cake
- marble butter cake
- choc-oreo butter cake
- sugee butter cake
- fruits cake
- moist banana cake

- velvet cake with cream cheese

~ for plain butter cake, the price is from RM50/cake ;
~ for decoration with buttercream, the price will be from RM75/cake (about 1.8kgs - size 8" cake) ;
~ for decoration with chocolate ganache, the price will be from RM85/cake (for size 8" cake) ;
~ for decoration with fondant & gumpaste, the price will be from RM120/cake (for size 8" cake) ;

Continental Cakes : (for size 8" cake)
~ Plain Fruits Cake - RM75/cake
~ Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese - RM75/cake ;

~ Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese - RM75/cake ;
~ Blackforest Cake - RM70/cake ;
~ Fruit-Ti-Tuti Cake with Cream Cheese filing - RM85/cake ;

Cheese Cakes : (for size 8" cake)
~ B
lueberry Cheese Cake - RM70/cake (about 1.8kgs) - baked ;
~ Oreo-Choc Cheese Cake - RM70/cake
- baked ;
~ Toffee Walnut Caramel Cheese Cake - RM85/cake
- baked ;

Wedding Cake & Kek Hantaran :
~ for wedding cake using buttercream, the price is from RM120/cake (for size 8" above) ;
~ for wedding cake using fondant & gumpaste, the price is from RM250/cake (for size 8" above):
~ for wedding or hantaran cake using buttercream + edible image, the price is from RM180/cake (for size 8") ;
~ for 2-tier or stacked wedding cake using buttercream, the price is from RM280 above (for size 10 & 6") ;
~ for 2-tier or stacked wedding cake using fondant & gumpaste, the price is from RM380 above (for size 10 & 6") ;
~ *** Wedding Cake Package (create your own design), the price range from RM400/package - consists of 11 x 11 x 3" cake with 30pcs mini cupcakes (any ) ***

Novelty Cakes :~ the price vary from one design to another, do call us for price details & design.

Homemade Sugar Flowers :- we also have various type of homemade sugar flowers such as orchids, roses, primerose, lily, sunflowers, carnations etc. at RM25/flower (price will be depending on the size)

Cupcakes :available flavour are :-
- chocolate moist
- vanilla

- lemon
- pandan with coconut crumble
- orange with raisin

- chocolate-oreo
- carrot with cream cheese - RM65/box of 16pcs- velvet with cream cheese or lemon buttercream  -  RM65/box of 16pcs- chocolate-cheese - RM65/box of 16pcs
available Toppings are :-
- buttercream decoration at RM40/box of 16pcs with minimum order 16pcs (for 1 type of flavour) ;
- chocolate ganache decoration at RM55/box of 16pcs with minimum order of 16pcs (for 1 type of flavour) ;
- buttercream decoration + edible image at RM56/box of 16pcs with minimum order 16pcs (for 1 type of flavour) ;

- fondant & gumpaste decoration at RM65/box of 16pcs with minimum order of 16pcs (for 1 type of flavour) ;
- velvet cupcakes or carrot cupcakes with cream cheese at RM65/box of 16pcs with minimum order of 16pcs ;

Note :- additional RM5 for drawing ;
- additional RM5 for filling :
- additional RM20 for edible image (please place your order 1 week in advance for edible image cake) ;
- for individual casing using plastic dome, additional RM1.00/pc- for individual box with transparent plastic, additional RM2.00/pc
Brownies :

~ plain Chocolate
Cheese Brownies at RM40/tray ;
~ with chocolate ganache and almond topping at RM50/tray ;
~ with pecan + chocolate ganache topping at RM65/tray ;

Our Kek LapisKek Lapis at 1.7kgs++ at RM70/cake ;
Kek Lapis Sarawak at 1.8++ , the price range from RM85 - RM100/cake depends on design ;

Our Fancy Sugar Cookies :
~ fancy cookies at RM3.50/pc with royal icing decoration - minimum order of 20pcs. ;
~ fancy cookies at RM5.00/pc with fondant & gumpaste decoration - minimum order of 20pcs ;

Bulk Order :
* do let us know your budget so that we can suit in within your budget BUT decoration will be VERY limited ;

Term & Condition :
* order for more than 100pcs. of cupcakes with any deco MUST be made at least 1 month in advance BUT the date chosen subject to our availability ;
* order with the total price more than RM300, 50% deposit will be needed upon confirmation and we only will proceed once we receive the 50% deposit ;

How to Place Order

Place your order via call or sms us at 019-222 9001 or email us at wn_z2@yahoo.co.uk and state the details of your order such as :

1. Name :
2. Contact No. :
3. email address :
4. Delivery date & time :
5. Delivery address :
6. Order item(s) - type of cake, design, flavour etc.

We will reply your sms/call or email regarding the total price of your order (and also with the delivery charges) ;

Delivery services will depends on location and time. No charges for self pick-up.

Please wait for your order confirmation email/sms before making any payments ;

Kindly please bank-in at least 50% of the total price (as proff of order confirmation) to our Maybank Account No. 112103008228 ;

Order should be placed at least 3 days in advance for small orders and 7 days in advance for big orders and 1 month in advance for BULK order.

Kelas Kek Lapis

With Chef Noraini Zakaria at Bakeria Akademi, Taman Melawati on 17/2/2008 for Kelas Kek Lapis.


Salam & Hi ...

Now you can decorate your own wedding cakes, kek hantaran, novelty cakes & birthday cakes at your own design...
We have variety of freshly homebake butter cakes, moist chocolate cake, carrot cake with cream cheese, variety of cheese cake, variety of cupcakes, miniatures cakes, brownies and fancy sugar cookies cookies as well as homemade sugar flowers....you name it.....!!!

We also have a variety of home-bake kek lapis sarawak and kek lapis roll. .....so come and have a bite of our collection.

....simply exquisite taste.......suitable for any occasion.................