Jan 25, 2009

Final Class for Course 1

I've baked Moist Blueberry Cake and Orange Lemon Cuppies from Cheft Nermala recipes. This time I'm using sis Ayu buttercream and Wilton Buttercream for my rosses. Millions thanks to our instructor, sis Yoke Moy for her passion teaching us especially on the wilton rosses and looking forwards for Course 2 in February.

Interested to order, do call or sms us at 019-222 9001...

Chocolate Cuppies

I've baked some choc cuppies for my niece & nephew requested by my MIL. My daughters, nadia & tasha did the finishing - sprinkle the thousand sugar ontop of it.

Chocolate Cuppies

Chocolate cuppies with red & white fondant for my officemate, Linda's engagement.

The Wilton Method of Cake Decorating - Course 1

I've enrolled myself to The Wilton Method of Cake Decorating - Course 1 on 10/1/09 and our instructor is sis. Yoke Moy. She taught us from basic ie how to prepare the Wilton buttercream, to fold the parchment paper and so on... We have been given the Students Decorating Kit.......wahhhh 7 pcs of tips, 2 standard couplers as well as practice board set etc...feel like 1st. day in school... By the way, my kek lapis sifu, also joining the class...alamak bestnye....
We need to bake and iced the 8" of cake for the class on 17/1/09. I'm using Wilton buttercream recipe to ice the cake. Wilton rosses - without any waffer cone...... my rosses not so nice like our instructor, Yoke Moy....need to pipe more rosses....as well as shell border.....practice, practice and practice to be perfect !!!!

Jan 13, 2009

American Moist Chocolate Cake

Order came from our neighbour, watie, she wants any moist chocolate cake for her makan-makan among the family so I baked for her the American Moist Chocolate Cake with chocolate ganache from Chef.Nermala's recipe..... the cake was almost 2.5kgs...hope she like it.... Do call or sms us at 019-222 9001 to place the order....

Kek Marble Susu

Kek Marble Susu for anak-anak di Rumah Limpahan Kasih, Bukit Puchong. I've some ganache for the square cake and just a plain cuppies for the kids......

Choc.Mocha Brownies

ChocMocha Brownies for Majlis Tahlil my neighbour Kamal & Syarifah on 29/12/08.... Do call us at 019-222 9001 to place the order...

Pandan & Prune Muffin

Pembukat tirai tahun 2009, I've baked Pandan and Prune Muffins from sis Rinnchan's recipe of RNet. The Pandan muffin was quite moist as well as the prune one.... just for makan-makan during school holiday.....to place the order, do call us at 019-222 9001

Kek Roll Lapis

Salam, so long I've not updating this blog, busy to catch up with school preparation for my kids. I've been attending Kek Roll Lapis Workshop at Nomie's Cake in Port Klang on 21 Dec. 2008. Some pics of Roll Lapis Kincir Angin, Roll Lapis Cinta TigaSegi, Roll Lapis Mozek and Roll Lapis RubiNatasha. So do call or sms us at 019-222 9001 if you would like to place the order......