Apr 30, 2012

Happy 6th. Birthday Eilyaz

 Chocolate moist cake with chocolate ganache & edible image of Ben-10 for Eilyaz, 6th. birthday...

Cake, Cuppies & Desserts for Boss

Black & White Cake for my boss, 60th. birthday...

 Black & White Cake...from inside part & my rainbow butterfly cuppies with cream cheese
 rainbow cuppies with cream cheese

3 set of pavlova with fresh fruits...

Pavlova with nuts

Pavlova with nuts for my dear hubby..

Rainbow Butterfly Cuppies

 Rainbow butterfly cuppies for Pn. Roslinda, SMK Puchong Utama...

Fruits Tart

 Oranges, apple, labu, jambu air, manggis, lemon & strawberry tarts...suitable for door-gift, hantaran or cookies for Hari Raya....do call us if interested to order...

Pavlova again !!

 2 sets of pavlova with fresh fruits for my sis's friend...


 Pavlova with fresh fruits for my sis friend at Universiti Pertahanan Malaysia

Rev Velvet Cuppies

Repeat order from Aliea, a box of red velvet cuppies....thanks sis for your support...

Happy Birthday Aqif & Faqiha

 Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache for Aqif & Faqiha's birthday...

Apr 13, 2012

Chocolate Moist Cake

 Chocolate Moist Cake ordered by my officemate, Wan Fauziah for her friend

Red Velvet for Your Birthday !

Red velvet for your 27th. birthday...ordered by Izzati for her dearest hubby...

Choc-Cheese & Oreo-Chewy Brownies

 Oreo-Chewy Brownies
Choc-Cheese Brownies ordered by our dear friend, Jamilah...

Strawberry Cuppies.....

 Strawberry Cuppies with chocolate ganache & fresh strawberry


 200pcs of plain cupcakes & packed into individual box..for my sis's friend @ Universiti Pertahanan Malaysia

Mini Pavlova with Fresh Fruits

our 1st. attemps baking mini pavlova with fresh fruits....for nadia & friends @ UiTM K.Pilah

Oreo-Chewy Brownies

My 2nd. time baking the Oreo-Chewy brownies & i'm using oreo-blueberry so we'd a very nice smell while its bake....

Shearperd Pie

Shearperd pie ...

Oreo-Chewy Brownies

Oreo-Chewy Brownies...my 1st. attempt after blog walking to Rima's blog...i'm using choc-oreo for this recipe

Selamat Hari Lahir...semua

 chocolate cake with buttercream & edible images of family member of Pn. Atun

Kek Batik

kek batik for my dear Tasha's schoolmate

Beef Lasagna & Choc-Cheese Brownies

 beef lasagna for my dear Jamilah's officemate.
choc-cheese brownies

Desserts for today...

 all deserts done by my dear girl, Nadia to bring back to her campus....Oreo-cheese cuppies
pavlova with mixed fresh fruits & nuts

oreo-cheese cuppies
 2 layers of small pavlova with fresh fruits
beef curry puff